Inspire LogoAn electronic assessment tool (EAT), under the project name ‘INSPIRE CREATIVITY: Inspiring Creativity for Creative Europe’ and project number 2020-1-TR01-KA227-ADU-098179, it is designed to enhance the teaching process in an e-learning environment. EAT aids the instructor in customizing course content. Since the student is a key element in teaching, EAT considers student response, response time, and student feedback as parameters. Adults and creative workers with low creative skills are the future users of the tool. This tool helps learners to identify their skills and can be the first step in their learning process. This assessment of skills needs in the creative industries contributes to Goal 4 by identifying the key skills issues and challenges currently facing the industry. It examines the skills gaps and shortages that exist and the impact these will have on the sustainability and growth of individual businesses and the sector. In this online assessment tool, we present a complete collection of self-assessment questions about expertise and skills to be included in the online user assessment. These questions, defined as part of the learning material, will be integrated into the platform’s online tool.

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